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Call for manifestation of interest: International consultants ACCESSIBILITY

Détails de l'annonce

Organisation : Handicap International Belgium
Site web :
Lieu de l'emploi : Consultancies can be done remotly or in one country of action of HI / France
Fichier : PDF icon tdr.call_for_interests_consultants_accessibility_en.pdf
Type d'emploi : Autre
Type de contrat : Autre
Fonction : Expertise/recherche
Date de publication : 15/10/2021
Date limite : 05/11/2021


Desired expertises:

  • Accessibility of buildings, infrastructures and urban spaces
  • Accessibility in emergency contexts (shelter, WASH, refugee camps, etc.)
  • Digital accessibility, websites, mobile applications, files and ICT in general
  • Accessibility of mobility solutions and means of transport
  • Accessibility of early warning systems (in the field of Disaster Risk Reduction)

And/or on cross-cutting skills such as :

  • Managing an Accessibility project cycle (from project writing to final evaluation)
  • Training
  • Supporting an organization or service to be more inclusive of people with disabilities
  • Support for individual or collective empowerment/self-determination
  • Writing knowledge management documents (capitalization, studies, best practices, brief


Humanity & Inclusion is an international solidarity association, specialized in the field of vulnerability, in particular on disability. Non-governmental, non-denominational, non-political and non-profit, it works in all contexts alongside vulnerable populations, including people with disabilities, to provide them with assistance and support in developing their social participation and autonomy.  Since its creation, the organization has implemented development programs in nearly 60 countries and intervenes in emergency and development contexts. Most of its projects include technical support to partners and institutions to improve the inclusion of people with disabilities affected by their interventions. To do this, HI has developed a pool of senior internal specialists in different sectors of intervention (see below), both in the field and at headquarters level.

In addition to the technical support provided through our humanitarian and development projects, and in order to promote and have more impact on the inclusion of people with disabilities worldwide, HI decided in 2016 to develop an INCLUSION technical assistance service offer (consulting services) dedicated to the inclusion of people with disabilities.

To date, HI has developed 3 types of INCLUSION Technical Assistance (ITA) services:

  • ITA "Inclusive project or programming": To make a project or an international cooperation organization more inclusive to beneficiaries with disabilities of humanitarian or development projects (NGOs, donors, international agencies...)
  • ITA "inclusive employer": To make an employer more inclusive of employees with disability (companies, NGOs, agencies, foundations, etc.)
  • ITA "Inclusive public policy or service": To make a public policy or service more inclusive to users and citizens with disabilities (institutional, local to national)

Thus, from the initial assessment of the level of inclusiveness to long-term coaching, HI advises NGOs, donors, multinational companies and governments on the sustainable inclusion of people with disabilities, ensuring adaptation to local needs and contexts and to sectoral specificities.

Wishing to develop more and more efficiently its technical support activities (in an HI project or under a consultancy) to other actors, HI launches this call for expression of interest for international consultants in the field of disability and inclusion. This call for expressions of interest concerns in particular specialists in ACCESSIBILITY, including the field of digital accessibility and communication.

General objective  The general objective of this call for applications is to enable HI to strengthen its technical expertise in the field of inclusion and disability, in all its fields, contexts and sectors of intervention, in addition to the technical expertise of HI's permanent teams.

The specific objectives  Facilitate the identification and contracting of external consultants for HI in the field of accessibility (infrastructure and digital);  To feed and enrich HI's technical response capacity in the field of accessibility.